ペタペタ Peta-Peta
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  • ペタペタ Peta-Peta
  • ペタペタ Peta-Peta
  • ペタペタ Peta-Peta

ペタペタ Peta-Peta

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『いないいないばあっ!』(NHK Eテレ) コーナーアニメーション








"Inai Inai Baa!(Peek-a-Boo!)"(NHK Educational Channel / NHK World Premium) Series of animated shorts

original concept / drawing / animation

Children draws something on the handprint and It starts to move lively!

I always shoot some movies for materials that the 1 year-old children stamp their hands and feet in studio with professional camera crew. 

Of course it isn't going perfect! They just want to enjoy playing stamp, and they often suddenly get in a bad mood. 

I always need super positive and creative mind! Moreover I have to draw it only one take without any drafts by crayon on their stamp.

It's very tough but I really love this creative moment.

You might feel this live-ish feelings in my animation.

I'm so glad if you enjoy that the stamp become something and starts to move like children's dream.