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Good Night official selection progress


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Good Nightが、8ヶ国でOfficial Selectionに選出されております。


Cinema Crianza(スペイン)は子供たちのためのフェスティバル。たくさんの子供たちが楽しんでくれるといいな。

SPARK ANIMATION(カナダ)はニック・パークも来るよ。




'Good Night' has been officially selected by eight countries!

Cinema Crianza is festival for kids. I hope many kids enjoy to watch it.

SPARK ANIMATION is big festival (Maybe...)
Nick Park is coming. and "Good Night" will be screened on 28th with many famous films. I'm glad!…

I hope that Russian and Peru kids enjoy to watch it too!



Cinema Crianza (Official Selection) Spain
SPARK ANIMATION 2018 (Official Selection) Canada
Moscow Shorts(Official Selection) Russian
International Animation Festival AJAYU(Official Selection) Peru

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